What is LAIFE?

What is LAIFE?

LAIFE uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate personalized Functional Music that alleviates symptoms of anxiety, depression, and burnout, providing a convenient and accessible solution for busy professionals to manage their mental health and improve their overall well-being in the workplace through a Mental Fitness Plan.

We generate AI Music for Wellness.

Be it stress, anxiety, burnout or even insomnia, we create tailored-made Sounds and Frequencies that are scientifically and medically proven to help alleviate symptoms and provide better Mental Health.

three steps to generate AI music for stress, anxiety, burnout and insomnia relief
better to use Functional Music than regular music to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia or burnout

Download our Pitch Deck.

Then you can understand more about what and how we do what we do.

Holger, the CFO.

Holger's experience in marketing and extensive industry contacts, particularly in the Chinese IT market, provide valuable insights for the go-to-market strategy of LAIFE.
Here's his Linkedin.

Rod, the CTO.

Rod's skills in conceptualising and developing pipelines for AI and data play a crucial role in the technological implementation of LAIFE's solution.
Here's his Linkedin too.

Billy, the CEO.

Billy's creative vision and expertise in music production for new media provide the foundation for the unique algorithm that analyses users' mood, preferences, and listening history to create customised Functional Music.
Linkedin, anybody?

Relax Now With Us.

Send us your email, so we can get in touch and tell you more about LAIFE.

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