What's the Science

behind LAIFE?

science behind AI music generation for mental fitness to relieve stress anxiety and insomnia

LAIFE operates on a foundation of Ensemble Models, using well-established AI Algorithms within our Sound and Music Generation Algorithm.

With this approach, we've crafted a Core Engine named BrainSE (SE, short for Sound Engine). This BrainSE gathers a wide array of user-provided data and employs it to create AI-generated Sounds and Music that fit the objective.

Consider the simple act of breathing.

Medical studies have linked different breathing patterns to various sleep stages. So, leveraging this insight, we tap into your mobile phone's microphone (given that many folks keep their phones on their nightstands) to capture your breathing nuances. This ingenious process enables us to instantly churn out Sleep Music that syncs seamlessly with your breathing rhythm, adjusting as you transition through sleep stages.

But that's just one use case.

Breathing can also serve as a revealing indicator of your work performance. And yes, we've got you covered in that department, too, putting you in a focused state or making you relax when needed.

Whether it's time to buckle down or unwind, our system considers your current state and dishes out the perfect Sounds and Frequencies to match the moment.

We work with Medical Proof.

At the heart of LAIFE, we use a technique called Brainwave Entrainment.

This involves creating specific frequencies that match how our brains naturally work. These frequencies help our brains get into a really relaxed and calm state, which can relieve stress and anxiety. Science tells us that different brain frequencies are connected to how we feel and how well we're doing overall.

But there's more to LAIFE's concept. We also use AI to make Sounds and Music that add emotion to what we're doing. And we even have AI voices to guide you through your wellness journey, making everything super easy to follow.

The three form the basis for our Mental Fitness Plans, which resonate with the Wellness objectives and goals.

pipeline of AI data to relieve stress anxiety burnout and insomnia
results of better stress relief through functional AI music

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